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If you are searching for best-in-class personal tax services delivered by top financial experts, then you are in the right place! We ProfitsView serve a broad range of services to our clients considering businesses, executives, independent professionals as well as individuals. We are the pool of experts delivering our service globally with having 30+ years of experience in our working field. Our Service rates are highly affordable and easy to get.

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Delivering Values With Best Individual Taxation Services

What we aim to deliver …

Quality Assured Service

We work with quality and it is something we consider our service backbone. Whenever it comes to individual taxation compliance our experts serve their services with great accountability and transparency. To deliver the best result-driven quality service under budget on committed time.

Easy To Understand Process

Our way of delivering individual tax services is wholly easy that make our clients easily understand our method of working. As we deliver our services online our service process goes 100% smooth and disruption-free. So, you will get enough time to complete your documentation that will not feel like a burden at all.

100% Work Transparency

We work with transparency that makes us remove any disruptions that might come in between filing your W2, 1040, or even K15. Our services ensure the deliverance of burden-free assistance so that you can get enough time to focus on your other important tasks.

Technological Support

With the constant technological update, we deliver our services considering technological inclusion in our work. From evaluating to analyzing your data we do it all using the finest technical support and leveraging your saving with it. We ease out your filing process so you can file your taxes right on time.

Right Taxation Approach

Taxation is crucial for every individual as per state or federal tax regulations. Our skilled CPAs along with other Tax experts will guide and deliver the right information to you. Based on it we take the best strategic approach to save your individual taxes.

Don’t Struggle With Taxes, Simply Hire Our Experts And Maximize Refunds Like Never Before

If you do your taxes yourself then there is a high chance that you might make mistakes that turn out to cost you more you could ever imagine. Even to prevent such mistakes IRS made its own guideline, so the individual taxpayer will not become liable for any past taxes.

So, when you hire a Profits View individual tax consultant they will help you to remove such issues. All you need to do is gather your documents and forward them to us. Our experts will go through your documents and within 24 hours they will frame out and deliver free tax filing right in your hand.

Did You Know?

If you do your taxes yourself then there is a high chance that you might make mistakes that turn out to cost you more you could ever imagine. Even to prevent such mistakes IRS made its own guideline, so the individual taxpayer will not become liable for any past taxes.

So, when you hire a Profits View individual tax consultant they will help you to remove such issues. All you need to do is gather your documents and forward them to us. Our experts will go through your documents and within 24 hours they will frame out and deliver free tax filing right in your hand.

ProfitsView understands the impact of taxation on business. Thus with our expertise, we deliver clarity so our clients can understand the ongoing tax legislation and let us deliver the right tax filing service right on time. Our tax and accounting experts are leveraged with 30+ years of business and individual tax filing experience that lead them to serve the right combination of legal and advisory services to our clients.

Let’s Focus On What Comes In Your Account With Profitsview Expert Help

Our elite accounting experts came from diverse backgrounds with expertise in delivering their services worldwide. We believe every individual has their own unique tax requirement. Thus, we deliver the right strategic and financial guidance to them in order to discard the possibilities of uncertain hindrances and ensure the smooth flow of their taxation process.

Let’s Start Filing

ProfitsView Deliver Everything For Your Individual Tax Session

Services we deliver under individual Tax Services

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Guidance Service

ProfitsView considers the team of certified accounting agents who are specialized in delivering and obtaining (ITINs) Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to all applicants who are qualified for it. We understand your requirements and situation that will help in filing your W7 form application according to IRS predetermined norms.

With our expertise, we had helped non-residential, residential along with other foreign taxpayers in applying for individual taxpayer identification number processing. Our experts will help you in boosting your ITIN process and even help you to remove the hurdle if you ever got stuck in the IRS checking process. Our easy to understand service delivering technique will ease out your documentation process so you do not need to carry an original document all the time. Simply submit your documents online and leave the headache of documentation procedure for our experts.

Individual Tax Return Filing Services

An individual tax return service is one of our service components that have been delivered by our accounting experts. Being accounting experts we understand that filing individual tax returns is not as easy as it seems to be. Filing taxes comes with a huge burden of rules and regulations, right and wrong. To remove such difficulties our experts will do such tasks for you. With having years of experience in delivering taxation service. We consider a unique approach according to every individual taxation requirement and ensure to minimize your taxes as much as we can along with confirming a smooth filing process.

Our Tax return process is budget-friendly and easy to avail. The services we serve under personal tax planning are-

  • Personal tax return compliance
  • Tax planning for individuals and self- assessment tax return
  • Personal income tax filing and individual taxation service
  • Preparation of tax accounting
  • Personal tax payments and so on.

Individual Tax Consultancy & Advisory Services

At ProfitsView our accounting experts are specialized in delivering industry-leading service. We have served in different legal and judicatory niches that include company auditing, corporate taxation, Personal tax service, company law matters, and so on.

We aim to deliver the right service to our clients and business need at a minimal cost so our service will bridge the gap between their business and its goals. Our in-house pool of elite financial experts is pro in serving all types of taxation needs considering in-depth knowledge of national and international laws.

We consider time as our service core and understand the importance of time management. Thus, we always cater our services on time. The best part of our service is that our clients can connect with us anywhere anytime. As our services are online our clients can easily get our assistance with 100% smooth flow and 24*7 customer assistance support.

Filing Tax Extension and Tax Refund

Does your tax filing date extend? Overpaid your taxes, need reimbursement but don’t know how to do that? Or maybe you want to extend your filing process? To do so you need to first extend your filing process and there you will need the helping hand of our experts. Our experts are good at filing taxes and can help you with extending your filing date. Our experts will ease your process by serving you the amount of time you need. Our experts can help you with filing your taxes considering both states as well as federal business tax returns.

With ProfitsView you will get more time in case you failed to file your taxes on time. Whether your reason for extending the filing date is the submission of original documents or personal. Our experts will handle every type of situation and assure you to deliver tax filing solutions according to your needs.

FATCA and FBAR Filing Service

If you are an American resident who has more than $10,000 in their account outside the US. Then according to (FBAR) Foreign Bank Account Report norms along with (FATCA) Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, it is a must for them to file their taxes anytime every year. If your bank account comes under the specified norm and you consider investing abroad then it is compulsory for you to file your taxes under such norm.

If you are facing trouble in filing up “FinCEN Form 114” then do not worry ProfitsView financial experts are right there to help you out with their filing expertise. Our pool of experts have had handled multiple FBAR issues and has streamlined different personal tax consulting according to clients’ needs.

Audit and Tax Notice Support

Received an audit letter from IRS but don’t know what to do and how to deal with it? If this is your concern, then do not worry. We at ProfitsView know exactly what to do and how to deal with such issues. We discard our clients’ worries by providing audit and tax notice support. We follow a specified working trail that includes four steps-

  1. At first, you need to sign in and fill out the form, our CSR team will call and understand your current tax situation.
  2. After understanding your tax situation, our experts will thoroughly perform a comprehensive assessment. Our experts will review your documents and make a unique action plan for debt settlement outcomes.
  3. With the unique action plans, our experts will tell you about every possible negotiation including state tax authorities considering IRS.
  4. Finally, we work out to resolve all your queries and tax issues and deliver you the tax relief as soon as possible.

Start Right Tax Planning With ProfitsView Individual Tax Services

Our Individual tax services consider 30+ years of experience that ensures deliverance of the best individual tax return and preparation of taxes right on time.

100% Safe and Secure Process

We consider our clients’ safety on top priority. We work with secured service gateway and trustworthy software. This makes us ensured to deliver the right encrypted tax service with ease.

Guaranteed Time service deliverance

ProfitsView understands the importance of time and money. Therefore we deliver the right accounting solution based on your tax requirement right on time.

Best Tax Savings

Profits View experts know exactly what to target in tax cost cuttings to maximize your tax return. So, you would save higher under your budget.

Simplifies IRS Process

When you handle your tax responsibilities to us, we act on behalf of you whenever tax notification pops up. Our experts work as liaisons to the IRS and update you with new action plans and constant tax updates.

Foresighted Tax Strategies

We always stay one step ahead in terms of state tax laws. We mold and customize our strategies based on changes so your tax filing process would go smooth without raising your liabilities.

Easy Going Filing Process

We work with an easy filing process all you need to do is to fill up your information on our questionnaire page. Our CSR will take your information from there and send it to our accounting experts to perform the right filing process according to your tax need.

We serve Not Just Taxation Services But much more than this…

Our ProfitsView experts came from different fields and consider the extensive 30+ years of experience in delivering tax and finance services. The experience and determination to deliver the right job at the right time make us handle any type of complicated tax case.

With a strong profile in the financial niche, our experts can provide you with every deduction you and your business deserve. We deliver working suggestions under which you can request to work with the previous tax pro every year. So our experts will know your requirements better and according to that deliver the unique tax solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To sort out your queries, we have provided frequently asked questions about our services.

It is compulsory to file taxes before 15th April, however, according to IRS’s new norm, it can be extended till 15th October. Even though you will get an extension, we recommend you file your taxes right before the deadline this will not only help you to avoid penalties but also further interest too.

However, in case of an emergency situation like original document submission or some genuine personal reason you can request to avail of tax filing date extension with ease.

It is always essential to keep your documents as proof this will help you to avoid any uncertain IRS audits. We recommend you keep records of your bank documents including receipts, credit cards, bank statements, invoices, and even canceled checks. Donations (Not in cash) like property, clothes, business purpose records including further expenses like meals and so on. You can keep them for three to seven years to verify when it comes to tax documentation.

Once we filed your taxes you should have to wait around 3 working days. After this, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the IRS that ensures the acceptance of IRS.

For checking the tax refund status you can go through the IRS web page “Where’s My Refund”. There you have to fill in details in all three boxes i.e. social security number, filing status, and refund amount. Then finally submit your details and your tax refund status will be displayed on your screen.

ProfitsView is known for delivering efficient business and individual tax services. Our team of experts works with effective measures in order to fulfill our clients’ each and every tax requirement. We tailored our services mixing human resources and technological advancement so, with the help of both, our clients will get industry-leading service without any worry.

In addition to this, we also perform weekly conversations and briefings when in need. Along with this we also execute daily analysis considering legislative and legal developments. So, whenever it comes to making changes in any of your legal document submissions, we will keep you updated without any hassle.

We understand how important data security is, therefore we keep our client’s data security in our prime checklist. We always make sure our clients’ personal data remain secured using an encrypted network connection. Whenever our clients provide their personal data to us their data will be transmitted via our secured internal network system and got stored in our server. This ensures our clients’ data remains secure from any outside unknown sources.

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Profitsview is a provider of back-office services, including bookkeeping, controller services, and CFO services. profitsview is not a public accounting firm and does not provide services that would require a license to practice public accountancy.