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    Personalized Tax Preparation for You and Your Company

    We understand that the complexities of each individual and business differ, which is why our experts first thoroughly understand you and your business in detail and then work on your taxes. Some of the things you must expect when hiring us are:

    All-round and All-types of Tax Preparation

    At Profits View, we specialize in handling all types of tax filings. Our experts have expertise in federal and state tax filing for Businesses and Individuals, including gift tax returns, estate tax returns and trust returns. We can even assist you with Annual Reports for States and Business Franchise tax filing for entire US no matter where you reside.

    Specialized Professionals

    We are equipped with some of the most seasoned experts for preparing taxes. Once you hire us, you will be assigned a dedicated team of experts to look over your financial books and prepare your taxes.

    Time-saving Solutions

    Why trouble yourself with the complexities of tax filings? Let our expert tax preparers take care of your financial books and allow yourself to focus on more important business activities. We are known for our quick turnaround period. But does not mean we will compromise on the quality of work. So, leave everything thing on us.

    Cost-effective Services

    We understand how saving on taxes and paying off for tax filing services can set each other off, which is why we offer our services at reasonable rates. So, you get a considerable amount of monetary benefits. Visit our Pricing page to know about our prices in detail.

    How do our Tax Experts Work?

    Gather Details through Secured Log In

    We start each job by taking all the income and financial details of your business through a secured exchange of information. This step is very crucial for us, as it helps our team understand the financial intricacies throughout the year. It gives us a better idea of your income sources, investments, expenses, and other necessary details for filing taxes.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Analyze Gaps in Your Data

    After taking all the details required for tax filing, we thoroughly analyze it. This allows us to ensure there are no errors in your financials. In case of any discrepancies, we immediately discuss it with you and handle it adequately, ensuring every detail is accounted for before the tax filing.

    Prepare, finalize and approve

    Now that we have your finalized and double-checked financial data. We start the preparation for filing taxes. Our team uses state-of-the-art third-party software to keep this process transparent and accurate. Once we prepare your tax file we also send it to you, so you can go through it and ensure that everything is as per your expectations.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Electronic filing and sharing acknowledgment

    Lastly, after receiving a green signal from your end, our team files your taxes electronically to the respective authorities. We also understand the gravity and necessity of timely tax filing. Therefore, we ensure that there are no delays in the filing process either.

    Hire Our Experts and Experience the Wonders our Tax Preparers are Capable of!

    Not Just Tax Services, Our Team Can Also Assist You With A Lot More! Hire Us And Worry Less About the Following:

    ESOP Services

    Planning to keep your workforce motivated by offering them a sense of ownership in your company? Then, let our experts in ESOP services help you with the process.
    ESOP is an employee benefit plan, which allows your employees to own a part or whole of your company. There are various ways in which you can compensate your employee under ESOP. Some of them are as follows:

    Incentive Stock Options

    ISOs are a type of stock option exclusively available to employees. This offers potential tax advantages such as deferral of taxes until exercise, provided certain conditions are met.

    Restricted Stock Units

    RSUs are a form of equity compensation where employees receive the promise of company shares upon meeting specified vesting conditions. These are typically tied to employment tenure or achievement of performance goals.

    Restricted Stock Awards

    RSAs grant recipients ownership of company shares upon acceptance of the award. These are subject to certain conditions, such as meeting purchase price requirements and vesting schedules.

    Non-qualified Stock Options

    NSOs are stock options that can be granted to both employees and non-employees. Some examples of non-employees are consultants or contractors.

    Phantom Equity

    Phantom Equity is a form of incentive compensation that mimics actual equity ownership in a company without conferring actual ownership rights. It entitles holders to receive cash payouts or benefits based on the company’s performance.

    Employee Stock Purchase Plans

    ESPPs are programs offered by publicly traded companies that enable employees to purchase company stock at a discounted price. This is usually done through payroll deductions over a defined offering period.
    However, such a transfer of your business share can be complex to handle, as you would take care of various technicalities in the process.Rest assured, we will understand your business model and strategize the most adequate ESOP solutions for you. So, leave it to our experts to take care of such business complexities.


    Bookkeeping is not an easy task. You can save up a significant amount of funds by outsourcing accounting solutions instead of having an in-house accountant.Our bookkeepers make it look effortless.

    Tax Credits

    The IRS has various provisions to ensure a healthy equilibrium between your actual income and taxes. This is why they provide various tax credits and deductions. However, claiming them can be challenging. But you need not worry, as our experts are here for you.

    New Entity Formation

    Starting a business? ProfitsView can assist with tasks like choosing a business structure (LLC, corporation, etc.), filing formation documents with the state, and obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).


    Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC)

    During the pandemic, many self-employed businesses went through hardships. Some of the problems they faced during lockdowns and quarantines were job search, meeting existing commitments, or realizing payments. This further led to a big financial

    When are taxes due in 2024

    As the New Year unfolds, it’s essential for taxpayers to stay informed about important dates and deadlines set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for filing their federal income taxes. Due dates can change from

    Can business rent be claimed as tax deductible?

    Yes, business rent is tax deductible under qualifying circumstances since it forms part of the organization’s main overhead expenses. Table of Contents 1. Can business rent be claimed as tax deductible? 2. How to Write

    Not Only This, Some of Our Clients Even Said

    Biz Solutions 360 Inc

    Hiring and watching over in-house accountants used to consume a lot of our billing hours. However, since we decided to hire Profits View, we never had to worry about a single penny in tax claims.

    Global Connect Pro Inc

    Profits View exceeded our expectations with their business tax filing services. Their knowledge and eye for detail helped us significantly.

    Florida Lean Merchants INC

    We’ve tried other tax filing services in the past, but none compare to Profits View. Their team’s professionalism and efficiency saved us valuable time and resources. We’re impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail.

    Contact Us and Experience Why We are Ideal for Handling Your Taxes

    Let our tax experts worry about the financial complexities of your business and devote your time to more important business operations.

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    Profitsview is a provider of back-office services, including bookkeeping, controller services, and CFO services. profitsview is not a public accounting firm and does not provide services that would require a license to practice public accountancy.