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What is the R&D Tax Credit?

Is your business involved in developing, designing, or improving products? Then, the R&D tax credit is for you. It is a federal tax incentive offered to companies that engage in research and development activities. It essentially provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction in a company’s tax liability.

Some of the common expenses that you can account for under the R&D tax credit are:

  • Wages for employees directly involved in R&D
  • Certain supplies like unrecovered raw materials
  • Contracted services related to R&D efforts
  • Expenses incurred on Computer Rental or Lease

Benefits of the R&D Tax Credit

Now that you are familiar with what R&D tax credit is, here’s how it can help your business:

  • Better cash flow
  • Incentivizing your investment in research and development
  • Dollar for Dollar Tax Reduction
  • Retroactive Claims
  • Reduced Tax Rate

How can Profits View Make the R&D Tax Credit Claims Effortless for You?

Handling the R&D tax credit claims can be overwhelming due to their technical aspects. That is why, at Profits View, we aim to make it simple. Here is how:

Our seasoned professionals offer step-by-step guidance, addressing all your queries and concerns.

Our experts also follow a thorough process for gathering the required documentation, ensuring a strong claim.

We conduct a comprehensive review – R&D Tax Study to ensure your business meets IRS criteria for the R&D Tax Credit.

We manage and look over each aspect of claim preparation, ensuring compliance and 100% accuracy.

Filing requisite Forms with IRS and following up for processing.

A complex credit system, yet straightforward pricing

We charge 20% of your total credit received

Your estimated qualifying R&D expenses

Your annual estimated R&D tax credit

with a fee of $0


Activities must meet the IRS’s four-part test to qualify for the R&D tax credit:

  • Permitted Purpose
    The activity must aim to develop or enhance a business component’s functionality, quality, reliability, or performance. These components can be a product, process, software, technique, formula, or invention.
  • Technological in Nature
    The development of the business component must be rooted in hard science. This includes engineering, physics, chemistry, life, biological, and computer sciences.
  • Elimination of Uncertainty
    The organization must have faced technological uncertainties while designing or developing the business component. Uncertainties could arise regarding the feasibility or success of the project.
  • Process of Experimentation
    The company must be engaged in a systematic process of experimentation to overcome technological uncertainties. This may involve evaluating multiple design alternatives or employing trial-and-error methods.

Section 41 of the IRC of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATHA), 2015, has permanently extended the R&D benefits granted. If a business has insufficient tax liability, it can carry forward any unused credits for up to 20 years.

Businesses have the option to retroactively claim the R&D credit by submitting amended returns for any open tax years, typically up to three years. However, if the organization experienced losses during that period, the time frame for claiming the credit may be extended.

Profits View stands out because we have adequate experience, advanced technology, and strong liaison with government agencies. We keep an eye on changes in tax laws and provide you with helpful information and support.

Yes, we can! Profits View specializes in finding tax credits that fit your specific industry or business. Our team will work with you to encash all the available R&D tax credit opportunities, no matter the size or complexity of the job.

Profits View’s R&D Credit Service encompasses comprehensive assistance for businesses seeking to claim R&D Tax Credits. Our services include:

  • Identifying and calculating eligible R&D expenses.
  • Completing Forms 8974, 6765, and 941 to secure IRS approval of the credit. If you are utilizing our Tax services, we’ll also handle the filing on your behalf.
  • Compiling all necessary technical and financial documentation, such as research time records and R&D payroll expenses, is crucial for supporting an IRS audit.
  • Coordinating with your tax preparer, payroll provider, and accountant to ensure accuracy in your books and tax filings.
  • Ensuring correct application of the credit against your payroll liabilities on an ongoing basis.
  • Offering email and phone support from our team of R&D credit experts.

Yes, we can help support you in the case of an audit. For more details, consider contacting our professionals at (323) 815-7010.

Can I use Profits View R&D Credit service without using Tax Preparation assistance?
Yes, we’ll calculate the R&D tax credits and provide the necessary documentation for your tax preparer to file. If you use our Tax Preparation service, we’ll take care of the full process and file the necessary tax paperwork on your behalf as well.

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